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Re: [ANN][ICO] CoinPoker: Poker future is today!

I ran this by a few people that are more technical than me, because philosophically it doesn't make sense to me. They didn't believe it's decentralized either.

But I think I might have an understanding. I'm trying to understand something, so maybe I'm asking the wrong question. Is the shuffling and dealing ie cards protocol provably secure?

I'm asking if the operator can purposefully affect the security/outcome of the cards that are dealt to the players. Are the players trusting the operator in this regard?

Because if you need a server, then that serves as a 3rd party which is by definition a security whole. I understand that you mean to provided some 3rd party security...but is that also necessary for the cards. Is your shuffling/dealing provably secure?


ps If you say yes I'm going to ask for the technical protocol code ie whether or not its auditable.
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