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Re: [ANN][ICO] CoinPoker: Poker future is today!

About implementation of a mental poker protocole, No, CoinPoker is not fully decentralized and so is not based on mental poker protocol. Fully decentralized poker today would face two big issues: each transaction (meaning each action on the table) is costly and very slow, so it would be not suitable for poker players. Our idea is different - we want to create next generation poker:
• Transparent & Fair - it should rely on the Blockchain to verify gameplay.
• Fast & Cheap - there should be zero latency between the user pressing any UI button and seeing the result. Moreover, it should avoid expensive costs of Blockchain transactions and data storage.
All this means CoinPoker will have centralized transactions for internal transactions/actions and decentralized RNG for full transparency. Please look at our white paper: it should be online now, at section 1.4. "RNG transparency on Blockchains" for more information.

Our software is not open source.
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