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Originally Posted by ADK View Post

I've added a 50% weight filter to these Tx top pairs on the turn.

Is it possible to only have the 50% weight apply to JT-KTs, and set ATs to 100%? I've been toying around with the filters but can't seem to do it.
Currently, if you want to attach different weights to individual hands, then this can be done in the preflop matrix. We can always look into more elaborate postflop filtering functions for later releases, however, depending on how deep you want to go with your analysis, you may be interested in taking a look at our upcoming software GTO+. GTO+ is primarily a GTO solver with some quite advanced features, however, as part of its interface it also offers an internal version of Flopzilla. This internal version has a slightly different approach and contains the ability to filter for just about anything that you might like, including weights for individual hands. There's quite a bit more additional functionality in GTO+, so I will just provide you with a link. For demonstration videos, download and a more detailed description, please go here:

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