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Re: Slop in the Wind

"If it hurts, make it hurt more." ~ Percy Cerutty

Running log (past week)

Sunday: 8.40 miles (9:32); ran the hilly country road training route, cloudy, rained for about 15 minutes and I got soaked, 77 F, 77% humidity.

Monday: no running

Tuesday: no running

Wednesday: no running

Thursday: 3.27 miles (8:17); ran in the park, clear, 59 F, 68% humidity.

Friday: no running

Saturday: 3.10 miles (8:36); Rock & Road 5k, partly cloudy, 60 F, 86% humidity. The Rock & Road 5k at Percy Warner Park in Nashville is different from what Im used to running. Usually I run on smooth pavement. This race was mainly run on grass fields with a few challenging hills.

Week Total: 14.77 miles.

Week total stationary bicycle virtual mileage: 20.99 miles
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