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Re: Slop in the Wind

Originally Posted by HankTheBank View Post
Like the quote from Jordan Hasay it's a sentiment I experience on long bike rides. Glad to see you putting some miles on the stationary, ever think about getting on a "rolling" bicycle?.
Thanks HankTheBank. Iím glad that you like the Jordan Hasay quote. Hasay was referring to her recent victory in the Chicago Marathon.

I used to have a ďrollingĒ bicycle back in the Ď90s. I rode an organized century bike ride in 1994. My stationary bike was a gift; itís a Stamina Fusion 7250. Iíll need to begin using it more now that Iím training for a half-marathon. I use cycling as a relatively low resistance, high cadence, recovery exercise.

Sometimes I watch Danny MacAskill videos while peddling my stationary bike. MacAskill seems to defy gravity at times, but at the end they show the out takes and failed attempts.

"I have to be 100% clear that Iím going to do the trick Iím going to do. I never think that Iím going to crash, otherwise I wouldnít ride the bike the way I do." ~ Danny MacAskill

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