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Re: Whisky

Originally Posted by wil318466 View Post
That's about right. Half a bottle of whiskey a night. Some weeks I take 3 or 4 nights off, some weeks 1.

It's probably not good for me but for now I feel absolutely fine. I don't get hungover and I've had zero physical issues, never missed a day of work. For some reason I can just drink an amazing amount of liquor. Beer and wine kick my ass, but liquor I can just drink nonstop. I had a bartender tell me one night he poured me 13 doubles and was astonished I came back the next night. Don't worry, I don't plan on keeping this pace up for much longer.

If my liver falls out of my butt one day I'll report back.
Nice. You can probably outdrink a Russian! The liver is powerfully regenerative and I know alcohol works its mysterious wonder on others differently. Me, a once-a-year heavy night is about 200ml of pure alcohol - about half a liter of 40% alcohol spirit - and I will be hung overrrrrrr after that.

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