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Re: Slop in the Wind

"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever." ~ Lance Armstrong

Franklin Classic 10k

This was my third time running in a 10k race. I ran the Franklin Classic last year finishing in 58:31. I ran a 10k in Nashville August 19 finishing in 55:15. My goal for this race was to finish with a better than nine minute per mile pace. The weather could've been better, it was sunny about 60° F 98% humidity. That's not great but it's certainly a huge improvement from what it has been lately, and better than when I ran this race last year.

Almost every race I've been to they play the national anthem before the start. Sometimes someone sings other times they will just play a recording. This race they actually had a US Navy color guard render honors during the national anthem. I thought that was so cool.

There are no bad runs—only good running lessons. I've had several races where I've had to waste time and energy maneuvering around other people during the race. Sometimes I've even had to slow down when boxed in by a group of runners. Recalling the Nashville Rock 'n' Rock half-marathon from last April, I started that race in corral 19. The race was so crowded it was like running a 13 mile obstacle course. At several points, I had to slow to a walk because there was no path through or around the crowd. My friend G began in corral 7 and he did not have any of the crowd problems that I had to cope with. From last year's experience I knew the Franklin Classic would be fairly crowded so I got as close to the front as I could before the start. This strategy worked, I had only a few situations in this race where I had to maneuver around another runner.

Another point about starting near the front is that I was running with faster runners and that caused me to run faster. For awhile I feared I might be starting out too fast, I'd exhaust myself and finish slow. I have an app on my iPhone that reports my time and average pace every half mile, but I didn't hear it until two miles. At two miles I heard the app say average pace 8:23 and I thought whoa, I felt I had been running fast but I didn't realize how fast. I had planned on running the first half of the race at 9:00 then picking up my pace for the second half. I slowed covering the third mile in 8:56 and the fourth in 8:52. At mile four I picked up my pace again through to the end. I finished with an official chip time of 54:06 for an overall average pace of 8:42 per mile.
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