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Re: Simple Nash - FREE advanced ICM calculator for Push/Fold, Raise/Fold Analysis


I'm playing with SN, usual in KO environment. Found some strange and counter intuitive results. Its about BTN FSG push range in following setup:
  • BTN: 2425
    SB: 500
    BB: 75
Blinds & Ante
  • BB 50
    SB 25
    Ante 5
  • 1st 30
    2nd 30
    KO 10
(It's typical Pokerstars 6-MAX hyper KO payout structure)

Both, restricted and unrestricted FSG's bring similar results. 'Card removal' option also doesn't matter.

Can someone please comment the BTN push range:

PU BTN: 9.65%
42s, 32s, 82o, 73o-72o, 63o-62o, 53o-52o, 42o+, 32o

Thanks in advance.
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