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Re: Relationships & Poker; do they & can they coexist?

Interesting Katie, I partly agree.

Originally Posted by katie75013 View Post
People understand having or doing all those things you've mentioned above a hell of a lot better than poker. For most people, poker is gambling and that's a tough part of a relationship to accept.
This is true, but for the kind of people who become poker players, "most people" would be completely unsuitable as partners for all kinds of reasons (here I'm also thinking about people I know who afaik have never got into the game but have that way of analysing the world). If you're an outsider yourself you can't be married to an embodiment of the generic societal average and if poker helps ward that off it's a good thing in the long run for both parties. I just think that in a pairing like that, if it isn't poker it will be something else.

I think you're right though that, for the majority of people, being a "military wife" is a known quantity (also known and understood by the wife's peer group) which makes the situation more tolerable.

Originally Posted by katie75013 View Post
Someone with a career in the navy doesn't result in spending hours in the casino and coming home -$1k...same thing with fishing or mining. Poker def has unique aspects to it that make relationships especially tricky.
Of course they can come back dead (though the risk compared to other jobs is perhaps exaggerated in the public mind).

But to address the financial point, for many not so large businesses, losing $1K in a day is normal. Some businesses lose $1K every time it rains and they have fewer customers than average. Obviously in the long run the weather, like the cards, evens out. Certainly (commercial) fishermen can put to sea and come back having not caught what they needed to break even, can find the catch has spoiled or the market isn't there at the price/volume they wanted to sell. Outside the governmental/military payroll, real life is played for pretty high stakes.

Poker players need to pay themselves a wage based on the stakes they are playing and rolled for, and shouldn't give running commentary on short-term fluctuations in "business-money" any more than businessmen would be advised to do so.
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