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Re: $5m Profit in 2017 - Best In the Business

I've been looking into a bunch of different badger (people i stake) buy in break downs to see where their profit comes from, different rois at different levels etc. Thought I'd look at mine and see how it looked like. Brace yourself for the last graph :@ Generally, I am punting the low stuff very hard, last reg-ing last second, playing very far from optimal and the higher the stake level the more I will be concentrating and trying to lower the variance, except from probably the 215 levels where I will play (incorrectly!) a higher variance style.


Should generally be winning,huge up and down swings isn't good and means bad table selection in general or most likely bad fundamentals, but get out of it due to being "good deep" or having good friends deep!


Every player should be winning here, somewhat variance free. If losing/breakeven/unimpessive then probably some fundamental problems.


Same as 0-49. This should be somewhat variance free.


Starting to get a little bit reggier, could look bad if a lot of turbos, but in general, 109s should be pretty good for everybody. Either youre a low stakes guy and you don't play them much and the ones you do play are amazingly soft, or youre a higher stakes guy and should have a big edge.


Lot of variance in this one as they are usually huge runner fields. How you perform in the million can really be a huge factor in overall profits. I have guys who grind out really solid and the million is their "big" tourney. They brick it for a year and its 1/3 of their profits gg.


Very eggy stake, only really the $320 6m that runs, should be lots of ups and downs and reminds us why we should probably skip this tournament altogether.


Very interesting stake level. Almost all 530s we play will have amazingly good structures because they come around in scoop/wcoop etc, Party 530 now lets us get some form of volume.


The level we will basically never get close to a sample size. cross your fingers and hope to run good!

When I saw my last graph, my eyeballs nearly dropped out I was like are you serrrrrrrrious Really shows why table/game selection is so important, whether that be 1ks for a $150abi guy or $109s for a $15abi guy. You can simply just run really poor in the level where your roi is going to naturally be the lowest and then it can massively impact your results. I'm pretty "lucky' to have ran over expectation at lower stakes, but the guys who run at expectation at lower stakes and then like I have at high stakes are just absolutely ****ed lol

I would encourage you to look at your results from the different buy in levels and see if there is a consistency. We have a lot of guys who apply that have really random and erratic results. In general the graphs should always look better the lower the stakes you play, if they don't then there is probably a huge fundamental leak in your game, especially as the lower stakes will generally give you decent sample sizes.

If anybody wants to share a fun few graphs of a player you can post here but don't post their names. Maybe ITT we can guess who it is!
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