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Re: 10K On The Table

Day 4:

The plan for Friday was to to try to find the sweet spot where I wouldn't have to make three trips to and from the casino to get on the list and in the game, and also fade paying for a hotel, but I've been so behind in sleep that I skipped the morning slot and showed up later in the afternoon when I thought a seat would free up.

Got in no problem, and managed to dig myself a hole out of the gate. It took me a good 30 minutes to settle in and quit butchering spots. I'd guess that I found a problem with 5 of the first 8 hands that I played, again not giving myself enough time to think, or leveling myself with my own unnecessary false tells.

Eventually I settled in and played a solid B game for the majority of the night. A 800/1600 HOREBT game opened up that often times looked better than our 400/800, but if one of us left it would break the table and screw over the other players, so we coasted on our gentleman's agreement.

Really I can't think of the last time I thought I played a great complete day of mixed outside of one 75/150 in early 2016, and a 40/80 session 3 years earlier. I'm pretty critical of myself, but it's definitely an accurate statement, and I wonder if some of the guys I respect feel this way when there are 10+ games alternating. I'm not saying a perfect game, but a perfect game to the best of my abilities. I imagine most entries could be me kicking myself for a handful of **** ups, so let's just note that this part is implied moving forward.

We were 4 handed around 7am when I felt myself really getting tired, and coming to the conclusion that shorthanded **** ups would make me hate life, so I booked a win. Never feel bad about booking a win, fam. People who call people fam probably book wins all the time. Disgusting.


Total +$23,373
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