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Re: 10K On The Table

Day #3

​On Monday I decided not to risk being shut out of the game again and woke up at 5:30 in the morning to make sure I was there when the floorman clears the board. You cannot call in from outside of the casino to be put on the list, and rooms are currently $200-300 a night, although it's probably the way to go.

I drove down, and saw a 400/800 game going from the night before that was full ( Shoutout to Dan Zack and Mr. Jungleman ). Part of the lineup included regulars from our morning game, so at this point I'm concerned this 400/800 might interfere with our normal game, and I'm going to find my way outside of the game once again. I drove an hour back home to see my girlfriend off to work, went for a run, and got as much as I could done before driving back to the Commerce in time for the AM game. I'm feeling pretty overworked at this point, and I have yet to play a hand of poker.

When I returned to the casino, the 400/800 game that had been running all night, had been bumped up to 500/1000, and was looking like a nice place to be. With some of our normal group grinding that game, our 400/800 actually began on time 4 handed, so my morning roadwork was essentially pointless.

Maybe I'm supposed to suffer a little for my money!? Maybe today I've earned my keep!? For the first 45 minutes I was the only player that didn't win a hand past the flop.

It's a funny thing to find yourself properly buried in a fast-action short-handed game, then immediately the table fills, and begins to move at a crawl. Perhaps I can get even by dinner.

I've scribbled a graph below to give you a proper indication of how the day went. There was a point towards the end where I would go card dead for a long stretch before finally being dealt a speculative hand that I would inevitably wind up playing, and losing, as if it were a test from the poker gods that I continuously failed. My punishment was being sent back into card dead limbo until I could resist the forbidden apple that is 245K with a suit from the HJ in Omaha 8. It's the best hand I've seen all night, let me tell'ya...

23 hours of awake that set a destructive precedent for the week. I missed Tues collecting my broken down car. On Wednesday I sat in the car at 6am, and just couldn't bring myself to do the drive there-back-there again, so I showed up 30 minutes from game time, and was shut out accordingly. I drove back home and spent the last few days looking after my sick girlfriend.

I've got a new approach for today, and if this one doesn't work, I will have an apartment and a hotel room in Los Angeles.

day -4,900

total +2,923
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