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Re: $5m Profit in 2017 - Best In the Business

Originally Posted by RonaldoVamos View Post
Please release this info. What 600. What stable. Selfish not to thanks
I mean I have a document of info I'll compiled over the years of being studious. Going to live tournaments, hearing gossip, seeing guys staying together at epts. Seeing Uruguayan horses suddenly starting to play like their master. Most of it is just strategic timing/sizing or whatever else that I've seen whilst spending time to watch final tables on replayer etc. Every time I see an unknown in a 10k I'll try and find out who he is, background, screen name, social circle etc. maybe a little bit creepy but I think helps give a pretty big edge in live tournaments especially. I think Charlie goes level higher and has docs on live reads etc. would pay quite a lot for that
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