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Re: $5m Profit in 2017 - Best In the Business

Originally Posted by Smart_Guy View Post
do you think or know some of other stables that actually have the coaches help junior players in final table and whats your take on it, obviously its one of those things if some one does they will not anounce it ?

due to this one reason i think stables have the ability to ethically hurt recreational poker players ev as stable players end up winning and there are so many options tools already available to your guys as skype, team viewer, coaches, sessions that they can easily guide players even if they dont ghost it.

be honest and share your opinion
Originally Posted by Voiceoftruth View Post
He doesn't have to be dishonest if he doesn't reply It happens all the time how do you think stables and backers can turn such big profits, there's no way they let a player capable of spewing or a newish reg make all the decisions if their deep in a big tournament.
As always voice of truth talking absolute bollocks and the last post just shows he has no idea what he's talking about.

Of course stables can be profitable without ghosting.

As far as bitB and ghosting. Tomi/Sam/me are barely online at the business end of the tournaments. If we are then it means we've been playing, once we've finished playing we do cool down sessions via stream with the stable where we go over the hands from our session OR we stream our very deep runs. We often put deep runs of horses on the screen to sweat, but they are generally offline and never sharing their cards.

we actually had a guy recently join us because his ex stable forced to ghost him when he was uncomfortable with it and he heard from his friends in our stable that the culture is the opposite here.

We have very good connections of who is ghosting in the poker world and I have a document with 600+ players on with very detailed notes sometimes including who they are staked/housemates with etc. if a horse is deep with somebody that I know is ghosted I'll always fb them (our guys generally aren't on skype etc when they play) to say that X is probably ghosted by Y.
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