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Re: $5m Profit in 2017 - Best In the Business

January review:

Soo... new tiers, new schedules, new years optimism! The goal of $5m is of course super ambitious, its unlikely, but I'd rather have ambitious goals that I make 1 in 5 times than nitty goals I barely struggle myself with and are an almost certainty to make.

We had the following coachings:

HealTheWorld: Bvb 30-50bb deep, pio solver + node locking max exploit
Graftekkel: Detailed hand history review
Bencb: Complex icm modelling
James Whittet: Table selection, ego and winners tilt
Dietrich Fast: Focusing on river play
Apotheosis: Exploiting cbets
Dietrich Fast: 3betting as the bb
Oxota: Strong hands analysis with pio/crev

Elmerixx and myself did 6 streams between us between 3-6 hours each, basically just live play 4-12 tables

Elmerixx and myself did 4 cool down sessions, going over all saved hands from our sessions and Romeopro/Graftekkel joined us.

Before the first big Sunday, I was pretty pumped and left the message for the guys in announcements:

"Big day tomorrow @everyone this is literally what we play poker for. All the hard work mon-sat in the lab, all the streams, all the coachings, all the hand analysis on forum, all the hours spent in bed visualizing hands and thinkng over spots is worthless unless we give it 100% on no days like tomorrow. a bunch of you are going to run deep in huge tournaments. I always find it a huge shame when I don't give everything 100%. Tomorrow I'm going to have no regrets, if I bust a tournament early through a bad beat that's fine, we have so many chances at glory tomorrow. Throughout the day just play your a game, focus and collect extra lives that you can trade in when you get unlucky for a part of your stack. It's an absolutely fact that majority of our opponents will crumble after running bad during periods tomorrow. Being able to visualize your focused self, not care about bad beats and being in the zone focusing only on winning every single hand (winning can mean folding) and then visualize the negative part of yourself, the guy playing his sloppy C game, make sure when young to sleep this time on Monday morning that you know you gave it everything, if you do I got no doubts each and every one of you have amazing chances of great individual success. Let's ****ing gooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

Overall, things went pretty well. When TCOOP comes around and everybody's buy ins are both higher and in turbo format things can go pretty south, but our guys grinded pretty hard outside of the series events and we started the year off on a good foot:

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