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Re: 10K On The Table

Day #1

Really bad lineup most of the day with Kenny Tran, Marco Johnson, John Monette, Eric Wasserson, Matt Szymaszek, and a friend who might not want to be named.

Made too many mistakes early on not giving myself enough time to think things through, and didn't make many hands, but found a small win still.


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Explain razzdeucey and Archie plz

Gl bud

Razzdeucey is a split pot game dealt in Stud format, where half the pot goes to the best deuce to seven hand, and half the pot goes to the best badugi hand. The Ace plays high instead of low, so the best hand you can make is 2345(rainbow)7.

Razzdeucey and Razzdugi ( A-5 instead of 2-7 ) are legit bad games compared to Razz and 2-7 Razz. This is more the case for Razzdugi. It becomes less correct to steal wider, and the ways you are supposed to be able to open up hand selections because of badugi equity still have you playing defensively most of the time.

For instance, in Razz I could steal with a hand like (J5)6 through two low doors and expect to win enough of the time in reasonable ante structures to turn a profit, but in Razzdugi if I have (Jh5c)6c the badugi equity of my 2 card Jh5c makes it less correct to go for the steal. And sure maybe now I can play rougher low hands with a 3 card badugi, but I still have to play defensively versus a strong low board, so there's not a ton of incentive to be in there.

If you play the "Super" version you start with 4 cards down instead of two and discard 2, so there are increased opportunities to begin with playable hands. It's more nut peddling, but the game doesn't generate enough action otherwise unless you have real action heroes around.

Archie is a 5 card triple draw split pot game with half of the pot going to the best high hand ( you need sixes or better generally to qualify ), and half to the best low hand ( need to make an 8 or better to qualify ). If nobody makes a low then the best high wins. You don't need sixes or better if no-one makes a low.

This game picked up steam arounds last year's WSOP, but I've played very little of it.

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Quite interested in this! No one else around here plays serious mixed games.

Didn't even know something like badacey played A-4. This means it's a 4 card qualifier vs 5 card for the non badugi part of pot? Time I played badacey it was just A-5 split pot with badugi.

Is 2-7 razz a draw game or stud game? What's Archie?

Vaguely remember what happened last time you did one of these... so good luck if you need it!
Thanks, the Commerce guys started playing 4 card Triple Draw variations last year I think. So yeah, A-4 and 2-6 Badaci and Badeucey are just 4 card variations of the original split pot game.

2-7 razz is Stud format, and Archie is explained in a previous reply.

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In b4 epic thread
Thanks for the company guys!

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U sold bracelet yet?
Not yet, soon tho =)

Gonna try and get a few hours rest before the next one.
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