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Re: Brains vs. AI poker rematch coming to Rivers Casino

Hey guys this is Jason Les. I want to explain to you an unfortunate event that happened today during the Brains Vs AI competition.

At the start of each session and each table we enter a seed number to randomly generate our hands. Dong and I use the same seed numbers so our hands are mirrored.

I was instructed to enter a several digit seed number and I asked for the CMU representative to confirm it was correct. Coincidentally today I also asked for them to be confirmed on server side so we never make the mistake of playing hands that have to be invalidated.

Unfortunately that happened today on my Session 2 Table 1. As a result Dong and I played two separate strings of 350 hands. The CMU team and us are in agreement the hands have to be invalidated in order to preserve the integrity of the competition. Therefore, Dong and I are now 350 hands behind Jimmy/Dan and we will have to make them up at some point.

From a results oriented point of view it sucks because I won approximately 28k off that table and Dong won approximately 30k. We still had a winning day but unfortunately not as good as we INITIALLY thought. I wanted you guys to know this so you understood why we only gained 40k today when it would appear much more if you were watching on stream.

In order to prevent his from happening again, CMU will now be responsible for setting up every match. Therefore we will no longer have any responsibility on a match setup so if this happens again, it won't be our fault and the hands will have to stand as is.

See you guys on stream tomorrow!
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