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Re: **Official uNL stats thread, redux**

Originally Posted by Bambiboi View Post
I'm don't know too much about AFq numbers, I used to use them year back or so, but then I got back to AF again for some reason. I do play on iPoker, where the regs are usually weaktight nits without the ability to read hands very well, so they're pretty easy to push out of pots, I guess.
I looked at it more in detail and the difference is on the turn and river. Which probably means I should read hands better. It's tough to make thin valuebets if you have no idea where you're at.

I've played some 10NL and 20NL on iPoker and I think the games were somewhat fishier than on stars. Then again, I was mostly nutpeddling with 18/14/3 with 55% W$SD. I basically left because there were no resizable windows and PAHUD didn't work with the mini windows. I wonder if it works with PT3's HUD.
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