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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

So to finally catch up, being a good year since last posting : I retired and I made my permanent move to Oregon this August-September. I live somewhere on the Southern Oregon coast, not too far from a small town and a small salmon invested river. Beautiful country. I own a few acres of land, a small very modest home, a large shop building, and a cozy bunkhouse - for wayward fishing fanatics.

Have a wood stove so I've been cutting and splitting some wood, mostly from my own place but also got some free wood from my neighbors.

Rains have finally started so the salmon will soon be coming in, in good numbers I hope.

Moving is a real pain. I moved from the Southwest to the Northwest, back into the country that I spent my first 35 years in. Good to be back. But the shear task of moving, I did the U-Haul thing and towed one of my vehicles; but particularly all the damn paper work and changing of documents, license, titles, insurance and etc., etc., is sort of mind boggling. Hope I do not have to move again.

Will post a few pics I think of future garden area and my acres of forest. I have a large pile of branches etc to burn that will make an excellent bonfire. The fire restriction needs lifting before I can do that but with the recent rains that will be soon.

Need to work this winter on putting up a fence for the garden I plan on planting in the spring. Too many deer, they are almost tame, about to not have a fence. May plant some fruit trees and berries (blueberries and huckleberries) also. Will not need to fence those in.

All for now............
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