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Re: The Well: DiggerTheDog

Originally Posted by BluMeanie View Post
What level do you play ? Stars 50NL

How many tables ?
built my bankroll since play 2+2 playing nit poker 12-18 tables
How many hours a day ?
I tend to only get 4 hrs broken up into two or three mini sessionsDo you work or is poker your profession ?
I have been off work caring for a terminally ill parent.

What do you average profit wise per month, without bonuses ?Around 700 but am down/breakeven this last month with game adjustment (opening game up)
What level are you ? Gold, Plat, SN ? Platinum and about 60+% towards SN
Who are the 3 toughest opponents for you ? Apart from the times I used to tilt 12 months ago and get spat out at 200NL and 400NL playing weak tight.. I will exclude those E.uphori.cism. Zi Val (2+2) Ez_money1094u30
Who are the 3 weakest for you ? Ahh hard one to say - as they prolly read this forum - but if you are 50NLer its pretty common knowledge who they are - and you never know it might be me.....

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