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re: Poker, life and business

Decided to play a short 2/5 session online before my trip. Was killing it, 4 tabling up 2k or so.

I can't listen to my own ***** advice about closing the laptop and locking it up.

One of the tables is 3 handed I've been 3betting and 4betting a lot.

Other two guys have $1400 and $1800 respectively .

I get KK in bb. I tell myself last hand here and I'm done.

Button opens for $15 he has 1400$
Sb bumps it to 50$ with $1800
I make it $177

Button folds, SB makes it $480. I make it 1200$ and he ships. I call and he has AA. Obviously no K comes out.

3 handed game and my last hand and that's the crap that happens. I quit after that, might be around even for the session.

It's just so frustrating, at 11:30pm I told myself I should quit, but then decided to play 20 more minutes.

I know that the guy could've flipped JJ or QQ there and playing longer would've been a good decision if I stacked him. It's all about results though. That's the fourth time I didn't lock up a +1k session.

Next time I'm locking it up no excuses.
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