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Re: ***OFFICIAL PartyPoker Thread***

Originally Posted by centebakkie View Post
Whats up with the ultra fast withdrawals, they seem to go even faster last 2 requests. TY
Originally Posted by UPAY4DINNER View Post
Noticed this too, excellente!
Thanks for the feedback

Originally Posted by mcgruber View Post
Party Rep,
Is it possible to have PT4 HUD on fast forward using a macbook? Also why is there no 50nl fast forward?? Is this a permanent thing? Thanks
I dont comment on 3rd party tools
Regarding 50NL it was removed and is not likely to return in the near future

Originally Posted by botsonparty View Post
Colette would it be possible to have some kind of confirmation that there was a recent massive ban of bots or cheaters?
I play at the same time everyday and it went from having 6-10 tables to 0-2 and almost every guy i sent you is gone...they usualy play 6+ hrs every single day.
If they arent banned then theres something weird going on.
We recently have been taking strict action against BOT users and seating scripts as you are aware
Any feedback shared via this board or PM will be dealt with via the relevant team quickly and efficiently and we will take action where necessary
Other measures we have in place to prevent the use of these 3rd party tools have helped drastically reduce the number of these on our site
We are dedicated to the removal in full of these predatory tools and will continue our stance against these
As always - please feel free to share any concerns via PM or on the thread
I will not comment on individual accounts as per our privacy policy
I am pleased you have noticed a significant improvement
We appreciate the support of the community
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