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re: Poker, life and business

Locked in a other winning session in Thursday ended up +1k. Played 2/5 Plo and 2/5 Holdem.

Got outdrawn in a 1200$ pot too right when the session started, but kept at it and booked a nice win.

Hand : effective stacks $600

Hero utg : 5c6s7c8d

Raises to 15$
Two calls from mp
Folds to BB who pots it
I call and other players call.

Flop : 7h 8d 3c
BB pots, I ship, fold, fold, he calls.
He has KdKs3d9d

Turn : 3h

River : Qs

Easy game with 4 outs.

I'm heading to AC next week to hopefully take down the mill gauranteed. Playing the first flight on Wed.
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