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Finally had a session go my way just in time. Made $3500 today playing 5/10. I started off playing HU then the table filled up slowly. I have history with the guy I play HU so we 3 bet and 4bet/ship each other pretty light.

The only hand that came to mind was when I got dealt QQ. Effective stacks were 1k.

Hero (button) : QhQc
Hero raise to $30
Villain 3bet to $100
Hero 4bet to $240
Villain all in for 1k. Hero call.

Flop : Ah Qs 3h
Turn: 9h
River : 5c

Villain shows 88 and I scoop.

Won a few other decently sized pots throughout the session.

Looks like I basically made my tournament trip goal which is great.

I'm going to be playing at the borgata the 13th-17th. They have a nice $560
1 mill guaranteed tournament which should be a soft field because everyone is in Vegas. They also have a $500 survivor which I love playing.
The following week I might go again for their $400 almighty stack with a 300k guaranteed.
Might also mix in the $350+$50+100$100k guaranteed black chip bounty. I got 5th in that one in the last series but I don't think there was a guarantee when I hit it.
I haven't been on a poker trip in a few months so I'm excited to go.

I won't have any live updates because when I play I pay attention to everything. You have no idea how much reads you can pick up right before action even begins. I usually know when at least 1-2 players are folding preflop right when they get their cards.
The regs who sit around texting while cards are dealt and hands are played are doing it wrong. You have to give yourself an advantage with every aspect of poker, not just by knowing push/fold strategy when you have 20bb in a "standard" spot.
Also a lot of my high stakes friends hate playing level 1. I love it. You can pick up soooo many tells for cheap which can help you later (assuming your table doesn't break). You can also stack someone who doesn't know how to play AA or other big hands. I've doubled up in a lot of tournaments in the first two levels.
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