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re: Poker, life and business

Working a real job is the best motivation to never work again

This is my outlook on work, and this is why I will hopefully never work for anyone for the rest of my life.

When I was a little kid I wanted to be an animal photographer. I wanted to travel the world, explore exotic places, and take pictures of rare and wild animals. I would watch all the animal shows I could, and learn all the facts I can about animals. This was the most passionate I have ever been about a particular topic. At this point in my life, I would still like to travel the world, taking pictures of animals, and exploring countries. That's how I know my feelings for that field at the time were legit.
As I got older I got more cynical. I started seeing the easy way to get things done. I would assess deadlines and quality of work needed to get an X grade, and would just do it in the easiest way possible. I guess that's a good business mind in the making. I always wanted to just have fun and enjoy life. I felt schoolwork, homework and tests were a waste of time. In junior high school I did the work straight up, but I hated it. In High School is where I really turned the corner. At that age I was all about enjoying life and my free time, and school was just in the way of that.
So I did what anyone my age would do, I cheated. I copied homework, tests, cut class when it was appropriate to do so. I never failed anything, always had over an 80 in every class. I did the absolute minimum I had to do, to obtain what I wanted to obtain. I maximized my free time and my fun. I limited my stress and the work I deemed unnecessary. I got so good at cheating, that I would have the actual tests before I take them or I would have smart people on a payroll sitting next to me and blatantly showing me their answers. Life was good.
I would play basketball and just hang out with my friends everyday after school. Senior year I basically had to pass only 3 classes to graduate, and I was already accepted to college so I went to school form 11am-1pm. I had my classes all lined up in a row. I also started playing poker junior/senior year. I immediately loved it because I made a boat load of money playing it and I can play it whenever I want. Ideal job for someone with my outlook on life at that time.
My senior year of high school consisted of finding online poker, turning a free roll tournament win of 100$ into 2k. I then started playing at underground games, and built my bankroll up to 20k. For a 17 year old kid that's a lot of money. I was playing poker with business men, drug dealers, real estate moguls, ect. It gave me so many life experience when I was so young, that it helped shape me into the person I am today.

This is getting a little long, if this peaks interest I can tell more stories from my hayday, otherwise I'll stick to basic updates and some random stories here and there.
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