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re: Poker, life and business

Originally Posted by Movado View Post
Good luck OP. What type of business do you operate and how did you grow it if you don't mind me asking? I also operate a small business (eBay/estate sale/liquidations) and am working on growth.
Thanks. I run a medical billing business. I'm involved with a big group of doctors because I used to manage their offices so I have gauranteed clients when they open new practices.
Business growth is all about knowing the right people (easier said than done) or offering an edge such as through your connections or beating other people's prices (which I do as well).
You can also hire a marketing team and a sales team, if you have a marketing budget, on salary and incentives (depending on how much they make you with the customers they acquire).
I grow my business through referrals, target emailing and cold calling and cold sales walk ins to medical facilities.
There's a medical office on every street where I'm from, so clients are everywhere.
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