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Re: What happened to Jaclynn Moskow on Poker Night In America


Jaclynn Moskow made some very serious allegations against me and the staff of “Poker Night in America” recently. I was deeply saddened and troubled by the charges. That's because I do take matters of harassment and racism very seriously and have fought most of my life against those evils. If the charges were in ANY way true, I would be the first to take personal responsibility and apologize for those actions. If they were true, in ANY fashion, I would also apologize to Ms. Moscow.

However, since they are NOT true, not true in any way whatsoever, I see no reason to apologize. However, given the serious weight of the accusations, I do feel it appropriate to address the charges here in public, one by one.

[By the way, this will be a very detailed post. If you are looking for cliff notes, you might want to skip the rest of the narrative.]

Sometime about two years ago, Ms. Moskow emailed me privately and asked to come on the show, which was being filmed at various casino stops around the country. I’m a big believer in giving new people a shot and welcomed Ms. Moskow’s interest in appearing as a cash game player. Things were left pretty much at that until the 2014 WSOP (nearly two years ago) where Ms. Moskow came up to me and introduced herself to me in person at the Rio. We chatted and agreed to stay in touch, particularly regarding her coming on the show at an upcoming stop.

Several months later, the PNiA crew went to Pittsburgh to film at The Rivers. Ms. Moscow had previously mentioned she was from Pittsburgh (she may have went to school there -- I don’t recall exactly the details). This seemed like the perfect fit for her to appear on PNiA. She was issued an invitation by me to come to Pittsburgh and we agreed to have her play as much as time would allow. Like with all players who come on the show, we can't make guarantees because the game is so unpredictable.

I have all the emails between us leading up to the event (and can share them, if there’s any doubt as to how I/we handled this matter -- which was ALWAYS with the utmost professionalism). I would be glad to share them with all media upon request -- e-mail me at: In the interest of brevity, I will not list them all here.

We finally arrived in Pittsburgh in Nov. 2014 and the cash game went off without incident -- or so I thought.

During our time on the set, I do remember specifically going out of my way to make sure Ms. Moscow felt welcomed on the show. I try to do this with all the players. We interviewed her in front of the cameras and asked about her personal and poker background. We gave her every opportunity to do well and shine as a player and personality. Unfortunately, she did not do well in the game, and ended up losing money. I do not recall the amounts.

After the cash game filming one night, the players and crew went to a local tavern, which was walking distance between the casino and the hotel where many of the players were staying. This is the location where some of the ALLEGED incidents took place, at least the past with me where I was supposedly involved.

I have pretty good recall of my most embarrassing moments, and like anyone who goes through life, I’ve had a few. Okay, more than a few. But the horrific allegations made by Ms. Moskow are so ludicrous and out of character for me that frankly, I’m not sure exactly how to address them. First, I’ve never heard the term “motorboarding” before. With all due respect to Ms. Moskow, there’s nothing I find the least bit attractive about her, and to allege I made some physical advance at her in a very public place is something that I completely deny. Sadly I can’t prove that it didn’t happen. But I can stand by my 25 years in poker and my experience with hundreds of female poker players, perhaps thousands over the years, which has been always conducted professionally.

While inside the tavern, we were surrounded by dozens of people and nothing that took place was out of the ordinary according to me or anyone I saw that night. Like any bar, I am sure some drinking went on and people had fun. Moreover, that same evening I proposed a toast to a staff member who had died the previous month (his name was Joe Sartori). We all took a moment of silence to raise our glasses and remember Joe, which was beautiful. Anyone who was at the bar that night should remember the entire point of the toast was to remember Joe. Yet somehow, now I read Ms. Moskow’s charges which insisted that the toast was about her, or going to be about her, and that she was somehow called out in the public place. This is simply not true and there was an entire room full of people who remember that we toasted Joe. Frankly, I’m disgusted Ms. Moscow would take a solemn moment to somehow believe the toast or the remarks had anything to do with her. She had nothing to do with the toast and I have no idea what she’s talking about when making accusations that I’m sexist or an anti-Semite.

After we left Pittsburgh, I heard nothing about anything that had allegedly happened in the tavern that night. Not from Ms. Moskow. Not from anyone on staff. Not from any of the perhaps 20-30 people who were there. NO ONE said I was out of line or asked me about making sexist or anti-Semitic remarks. Not a text. Not an e-mail. Not a conversation. No one called me out or noted that I had misbehaved in any manner.

Soon after we left Pittsburgh, Todd Anderson and I talked as we always did after TV shootings. We were planning the lineup for an event a few weeks later at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. Again, I can’t recall the exact conversation, but we agreed that the lineup was already full for the LADIES NIGHT. So, I sent Ms. Moskow the following e-mail:

From: Nolan Dalla <>
Date: Tue, Nov 18, 2014 at 12:34 PM
Subject: Re: tomorrow
To: "Dr. Jaclynn M. Moskow" <>, Todd Anderson <>

Hi Jaclynn:

It was nice seeing you in Pittsburgh. I'm sorry things didn't go as well as we hoped. It's very unusual for players NOT to bust out, but we had so few people go broke that it meant less time for the alternate players, including yourself. Still, I'm glad you got some face time on the table.

I'm sorry to inform you that we are now way overbooked for Florida. It's simply not going to be possible to have you on the show. The response has been beyond what we can absorb, since we can only invite about a dozen or so players for each event. So, given there are so many personalities in Florida already with reservations to play, we have to make some tough decisions.

I hope you'll understand this isn't personal at all, nor any reflection on your talent as a poker pro. It's simply a television decision which is necessary based on a nice problem for us to have -- which is more and more people wanting to play and be on the show.

Thank you again for coming to Pittsburgh. I'm sure we'll be seeing each other down the road.


-- Nolan


I thought this was a polite but also a clear explanation that Ms. Moskow wasn’t going to be invited to the Florida stop. Yet somehow, when the event took place a few weeks later, Ms. Moskow showed up and to my surprise was seated at the table. Again, all this took place about 18 months ago -- I do not recall how exactly she ended up in the cash game. I might have not been there in the first hour when players were seated. I can't remember every detail about every show we film.

So. Ms. Moskow was eager to be there with us again (despite the alleged harassment). She played again, and unfortunately things did not go well for her. I did some announcing that day on the set and remember she did play in the game during a portion when I was at table side. However, I certainly do not recall any incident with any of the staff or Chris Hanson, or anyone else which was part of her charges. Certainly, Chris Hanson is about as nice and honest a decent a person as I've ever met. Those charges leveled at him are simply not accurate at to who he is and what he stands for.

So, Ms. Moskow was given a SECOND opportunity to appear on the show (mistakenly) and once again, wasn’t someone we thought as an A-Lister to be invited back again. We thought that was the last of her at least for a while, but she continued to reach out to us, wanting to come back on the show again.

In the next few months, Ms. Moskow sent some e-mails to the staff. At this point, she began to be what I would call “high maintenance.” We’ve had more than 150 people appear on the show in the last three years, and no one has ever asked to be consulted on the editing of the show. Apparently, Ms. Moskow was troubled that she might look bad in the final edit, and so she was determined to try and get us to show her in the best possible light. Frankly, I do not disparage this. We all want to look our best and be respected on national television. That said, we pretty much agreed by that point that Ms. Mokow wasn’t in our future plans.

Although Ms. Moscow claims she was harassed and made to feel like a target, here’s the COMPLETE e-mail she sent to me and staff a few weeks after Pittsburgh and Florida -- AFTER THE HARASSMENT. Note, there is NO HINT of any incident nor the least hesitation about coming onto PNiA again the future:


Dr. Jaclynn M. Moskow <>


to Christopher, Todd, me

Hey guys. I am in the process of answering some written interview questions about myself and playing on Poker Night and before I voluntarily throw myself and my play under the bus, I wanted to check with you guys regarding what you intend to air. More specifically, when I spazzed out and played like a clown in a hand vs Jamie Kerstetter in FL and vs. Hellmuth in Pittsburgh - are those hands likely to air? I was never asked any questions about those hands during interviews at Poker Night, but if they will soon be on national TV as well as internationally on the Internet, I will address them either in this current interview that I am working on or down the road in another forum like a blog post. If need be, I can explain what I was/wasn't thinking in those hands and in general those days on set, including some behind the scenes stuff that I wish I had not allowed to tilt me (tilting those days was a huge leak on my part and was very eye opening to me as a player.)

Thanks for any guidance on this and thanks again for the opportunity to play on your show. Despite all the confusion and miscommunication surrounding my involvement, I hope it ends up being positive for you. I understand if you don't know yet about the footage, but I heard the female episodes start airing in less than a month, so I figured you may have an idea soon.


It's very puzzling that ALL Ms. MosKow seems to be concerned with (in this and every other email is her image on TV -- NOTHING about incidents in a bar in Pittsburgh or being accosted by staff in Florida).

And so, nearly a year passed. A YEAR.

In early December 2015 (six months ago), that's when I first heard allegations that were being made by Ms. MosKow, not only against me, but also against colleagues and some other players. I couldn’t believe what I was reading when I saw an email she sent, hoping to get compensated. This was so far out of left field, I didn’t even bother worrying about it. At that time, her plea to was sent to me, where she BEGS the site to do the following:


“I am no longer comfortable sitting idle and acting as if these things did not happen. It has affected me personally and professionally. I deserve to be compensated for what I endured while taping the show - for the groping, the sexual harassment, the anti-Semitic remarks, etc. I would consider monetary compensation and/or paid seats on all future ladies and other mixed shows like Jessica gets (this time harassment free). This type of resolution would have to happen quickly, as I have no interest in dragging this out any longer.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether you are interested in discussing a settlement so that I can proceed accordingly.”


So, Ms. Moscow wanted to come back on PNiA -- REPEATEDLY -- was denied the opportunity, a full year passed, and then she decided to contact 888poker, which had paid her a small stipend to wear a patch on one of the shows at one time. To the best of my knowledge, 888poker ignored the shakedown.

I paid this e-mail and the matter no attention whatsoever, since the smoking gun here was obviously a way to receive compensation. Everything in the allegations was so ridiculous, yet casino lawyers and corporations sometimes do strange things which even I can’t explain. Sometime in March 2016, unbeknownst to me, Rush Street Gaming offered Ms. Moscow some kind of settlement. Again, I didn’t talk to anyone with the company, so I have no idea as to the details or their line of thinking. Obviously, offering her anything was absurd, but then again, I’m not a corporate attorney.

I have much more extensive materials (it took me some time to search engine the old emails, which is why I’m responding somewhat later). Ms. Moscow apparently had very high hopes of being a star on the show, and it didn’t pan out that way. I am truly sorry for that disappointment. No one likes to see someone having their dreams or ambitions crushed, and despite these horrible things that were said about me, I do feel sorry that Ms. Moscow believes she had a bad experience on the show.

Yet, at least 150 other people, pros and amateurs alike, have appeared on the show, and most have had a blast. This includes dozens of female players. In fact, I made certain that PNiA disproportionally went out of its way to give female players a chance to shine in the cash games. Ask anyone who has appeared on the show, and I would be shocked if anyone has the same recollections or experiences as Ms. Moscow.

On a personal level, I am very hurt by this. It's just wrong to have to face such nonsense. Over the years, I have gone out of my way to reach out and help people when I could, to no benefit of my own, and tried to be as fair as possible. In my 25 years in this business, I have developed what I think is a well-deserved reputation as a good person and someone who promotes and respects women, both at the table and in social situations. Tragically, all the good deeds over a few decades can be undone by a single accusation or suspicion, if it’s widely believed.

In the past, my personal writings (at my website) make me an inviting target. I realize my tact and taste in content and language does not suit everyone. I can piss off a lot of people with my opinions. Yet despite writing some crazy things, at times, I have consistently upheld certain principles about fairness and equality for all. I’ve said before, that I do have many faults. But sexism nor anti-Semitism are not among them.

The allegations as I read them are simply not reflective of reality. They do not reflect me or my character. And, they are not representative of my colleagues.

I realize that we live in a scandal-plagued society and that ugly allegations makes for daily entertainment. Yes, sexism and misogyny and anti-Semitism ARE real problems in the world. They might even be problems in poker, to some extent. However, I hope I can call upon those know know my character over 25 years in this business and call upon those who were there at the various tapings to consider all sides of what happened.

I hope this will give some measure of explanation for the course of events which were described by Ms. Moscow.

-- Nolan Dalla

PS: (1) In her allegations, Ms. Moskow claims I was thrown out of the Bellagio in 2009 for something to do with a cocktail waitress. This is utterly preposterous. I initially responded to that allegation on social media because it was so absurd, that it DOES call into serious question the remainder of her outlandish claims. Again, there is no evidence nor did any incident EVER took place at the Bellagio or any other casino where I have been removed or asked to leave the premisis. This is just made up garbage, like the rest of the content in her post. (2) Like what other chargers were written, the incident with the Black hotel desk clerk is at best an exaggeration, and at worst a complete fabrication. Just as the Bellagio claim is false, this too comes out of nowhere with no basis. Sadly, Ms. Moskow seems to be insinuating I'm anti-Black, another false charge disproven by years of writings and deeds to the contrary.

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