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Re: Relationships & Poker; do they & can they coexist?

My husband plays for a living and I am work in
An office with a job in corporate America) I didn't play prior to meeting him and saw him constantly on Poker stars .. At some point I started noticing he played almost every night ... It bothered my so much , "can't go to dinner were on the bubble"
All which annoyed me lol however one day I said can u show me what the hell it is ur actually doing? What happened as a result of that question has been 6 years of tournaments all over the east coast for me (used
To use up my vacation days mod way thru the year! Learning how to play, endless home games, trips to so many casinos has added a great layer to our relationship! We always debate,
Discuss hands, argue about hands personally it's a part of us I love. He will peel dah differently since he always jokes that he created a monster lol!
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