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The game does need more in the way of end game goals and content, I think I'm mostly done until they add some new stuff, but there's a Twitch streamer innomin8 that is attempting to get his factory to the point where it can launch a rocket continuously (I think he means a row of silos getting fed such that as soon as he hits launch on one he can continue down the row until the first one is ready to go again). He has a super OCD clean build and is constantly talking about his thought process and what his short and long term goals are, and having to expand the base to the point it can handle that kind of production is pretty interesting. I think he said he's doing a 24 hours stream this weekend where he'll finish the factory and see if it can keep up with the spreadsheet math he's done for launching. Probably incredibly dry and boring for most people but I figure if you're in to Factorio this kind of stuff is fascinating.
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