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Re: Simple Nash - FREE advanced ICM calculator for Push/Fold, Raise/Fold Analysis

First of all,thank you for making it free. I am only starting with the software, but seems well polished and very usefull!

A simple suggestion for anyone thats 1st time using...

Donīt install/open it with your Pokerstars client open. I just did so and, before the program start properly, with it asking for the registration key, Pokerstars gave me a pop up warning me that "Forbidden Sotfware was detected and I shall instantly close the software or Pokerstars client".

I also got an insta-email from Stars explaining that "because of this program's capability of computing advanced ICM calculations, this program is prohibited from being used at the same time as the PokerStars client", and asking for a reply back confirming to them I now know the rules.

Not your fault surely but I guess it will be usefull to others know it!

One more time, thanks!
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