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This is my smelting set up, which has kept my production even with my consumption so far. I am just getting ready to start producing blue science( have all the necessary parts, just need to configure the blue science production area) in this playthrough. One thing to keep in mind though is that I am playing w/ passive aliens, so I don't know how defensible it actually is.

About to really ramp up my copper production having just noticed that the purple circuits require 20 green and 2 red circuits.

This time I have left myself TONS of room so I can implement new technologies as I get to them. Would rather spread out and take up too much space as opposed to working myself into a bottleneck to the point that it's easier to just start over again rather than pick everything up and move it.

I figure it is easier to contract in this game than it is to expand, especially with passive aliens. Once I get to the point that I need to fight the aliens to get alien tech I figure I can make it more compact around the pollution producing areas and also have a ****load of turrets and an army of combat robots. Or if all else fails I can intstall the mod that removes the aliens altogether and replaces the artifacts w/ another resource

On my 6th play through and feel like I have finally perfected my red science and lab feed set up.
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