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I've started trying to buss everything down the middle of the factory, including mass producing early materials until production saturates a lane like copper wire, iron gears, circuits and walkways. You don't have to fidget with ratios or keep splitting off iron/copper to do local production until those lanes aren't enough to keep up, then just make some more. I can keep adding green/red science assemblers and research labs as long as I have enough resources to keep up, I'm up to 30 or so labs right now.

I'm trying to do blue science and oil at the moment, but finding I'm wanting more lanes including for piping, so I think ideally this setup would work well with 4x iron, 4x copper, 4x pipes, 2x coal and 2x stone, a 4x stone walkway, 2-3 additional 4x4 lanes for assorted like plastic and at least 2 each of red and green circuit boards, and 2 spaces between each for underground walkways. That's like 42+ wide, which might be out of hand.

How are others doing it?

Also, anyone found a good smelting setup? I haven't really come across any I like, and I keep trying new things but haven't found something I'm happy with.

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