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123simon123 275 Winter Classic Hippodrome Casino - 20th Feb

Hey all.

My name is Simon Trowse.

123simon123 on stars. Previous 180man/Turbo MTT reg, starting to focus more on reg speed and currently working hard to improve my MTT game.

This is the first live package I've put up, sold many online packages in the marketplace with no issues. Have been backed twice in the past with no issues. Please PM me if you would like references.


180man 3Rs
180man FO

Turbo MTTs

I'm mainly an online player, played a few live events back in 2013 with some success but not many since then. I want to start making more of an effort to attend more live events that are good value so will be putting up packages on here, starting with the below and eventually selling packages to ukipts etc.


This week in London is the Winter classic at the Hippodrome. I've played this before and it attracts quite a lot of bad players and the field is relatively small usually 200-300 players max, very good value.

Buy in: 275

Looking to sell up to 40% at NO MU. I will be playing regardless of % sold.

1% - 2.75
2.5% - 6.87
5% - 13.75
10% - 27.50

Extra Details

Playing Day 1B - Saturday 20th February, please send money before 2pm UK time on Saturday.

I will make a rail thread on here and add a photo with receipt.

Please allow extra time for me to pay out large cashes to investors.

Please feel free to add me on Facebook if you would like direct updates by message on there.


Preferably I would like GBP sent to my STARS account 123simon123(UK), avatar is shark at a poker table.

I will also accept PAYPAL

Thanks for investing.
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