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Re: Relationships & Poker; do they & can they coexist?

Originally Posted by Poker Clif View Post
Consider the following situation:

1. I play a chess tournament. I pay a fee to enter the tournament, I play for several hours, and if I get enough points (1 for a win and 0.5 for a draw) I win more than my entry fee.

2. I play a poker tournament. I pay a buy-in to enter the tournament, I play for several hours, and if I am one of the last players knocked out, I win more than my buy-in.

Please explain to me which tournament is gambling and why.
#2 clearly is, #1 clearly isn't.

I'll quote the skill game defense just as much as the rest of us... but that chess argument is weaksauce. In chess you are 100% responsible for the outcome of the game as compared to the skill level of your opponent. I've played a fair bit and can't recall ever being one outed out of a chess tournament.

The term is advantage gambling, and that's still gambling. I'm sure this nice lady has simply seen enough d-bags claiming to "have an edge" that she's probably right to be skeptical of any advantage that a typical player would have.
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