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Poker Results (2 days) - 22/01/2016

Poker Results (2 days) - 22/01/2016

Hours played: 6.25
Hands played: 1105
Profit/loss: + $32

Hands commented: 10
Hands reviewed: 10
Reviewed workbook: Facing 3 barrel x 2
Studied poker video: Face flop XR and face 3 barrel

Sleep: 6.4 hours then 7.0 hours!!!!!!!

$10k Journey

Feeling good! Not hitting much at the moment and in short-stack push/shove situations I am getting killed! Better to get killed there than in 100bb all-ins though eh!?


Here is a link to my second article about my amazing life improvement. It is called Enlightenment? - Part 2 - Awakening.

From now on I will keep my "life" articles separate from my poker blogs (although I will still link to them) as I realise some people just want to see poker stuff. Then people can choose whether or not to read the amazing stuff!

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