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Re: I've decided to quit everything and travel the world

Originally Posted by DC2LV View Post
Well, I'm still several decades away from being in a nursing home. I'm in my 50s, have been retired for 6 years, and I travel the world, play poker, and do pretty much whatever I want whenever I want. I can do this because I didn't give in to a midlife crises in my early 40s, continued to work for 10 more years, and now have a $100,000 annual pension that helps to finance my travel and other recreational activities. And that doesn't even address my seven-figure 401(k) and other investments.

It would be one thing if the OP was in his early 20's and wanted to travel the world for a year or two. It's quite another for a 40 year old man going through a typical midlife crisis to quit his job and decide to do it without any thought whatsoever for what will happen when he's 65 and completely out of money.
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