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Re: I've decided to quit everything and travel the world

Thanks for the insights, I understand what you're telling me. Going to Delhi won't hurt anyway once I'm in Agra, so I'll see when I am there.

I'm really starting to **** in my pants. I've read many horror stories about Varanassi, besides its beauty. Good point is that after this start over there everything should seem quite easy.

I've just booked my 1st 2 nights at Varanassi. I'm quite surprised by the high prices of accomodations. Thought that India would be around 8 to 10usd a room. This is far from the truth, unless you want to sleep in cow ****.

Dunno how long I'm gonna stay in Varanassi. Could be just 2 days, could be a whole month. Who knows. If I feel good there I will remain, otherwise I'll leave. Finally not sure about Sarnath and Allahabad. Tbh, I'm not sure about anything lol
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