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Re: I've decided to quit everything and travel the world

Originally Posted by Psychonication View Post
Wow such good infos, thanks !
Tell me, you know quite good India ! How long have you been there ? Do you prefer the Northern or Southern part ? (if you know them both)
I was there for a couple months. Started in Mumbai and went counterclockwise around the country, ending in Delhi. I liked all the different parts in different ways for different reasons. Least favorite city was Bhubaneswar, but that's the closest rail station to the Konark Sun Temple which has sexually explicit pervy sculptures that I needed to see.

Biggest regret was not having time to go to Punjab. Biggest brag was eating veal cordon bleu in Pondicherry and pissing off 99% of the country with a single dish. Your country's colonialism made that meal possible. Thanks!
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