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Re: I've decided to quit everything and travel the world

Originally Posted by LonelyBox View Post
So many negative comment in this thread that I found it funny. OP is obviously good enough for the rest of is life with $500 000.

I'm 26 years old an planning to do something very similar to OP with only ~$35 000. I'm also going to quit my non university degree 100k/year job for that.

Moi je vais quitter en septembre pour l'Asie du Sud Est, peut Ítre qu'on va se croiser. Bonne chance.
oh tu parles francais ? Super !

I really do wish you the best for your future trip. If you feel like doing it, then do it, regardless of what people will tell you. If you start living according to others standards, you won't do anything in life.

Don't worry about the haters. I really don't mind. They are just giving me more will to do it. I'm quite stubborn : the more you tell me that something is dumb the more I want to do it lol

Where will you be in SE Asia in september ?
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