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Re: J's low content thread, series 2.

Originally Posted by Jackitos View Post
Oh I know, my PC tower cost over $1400.

The lessons are going to be mandatory 100%, because Daisy is afraid of guns/accidents. So, I'm fine with that. I get it that ammo and certain things are recurring, dad has a ton of guns. I've been around them my whole life. I'm not super experienced, because I hated hunting. I am a decent shot, from my limited uses. I know how to handle a pistol.



But really, I want one for personal household protection, not to really carry in public, but at the same time: I don't want Daisy to be worried about the gun. She worries about everything as it is.

I'll talk to her about it, and see if she can handle it.
The forehead is a pretty bold choice. You'll poke your eye out.

A gun in the house is no more dangerous than a flashlight or a cordless screwdriver. Don't monkey with it, nothing happens.
I support massive and continuous training. You can't be too proficient. And I do not support carrying a weapon if you have NO training or experience.
I don't see a lot of gun violence news for your area, but I used to live near there, and know there are plenty of dip****s looking to take advantage of folks.
My concerns, and they are specific to my family, are the randoms wandering around looking for an edge to exploit.
We had a mass shooting a mile down the street (boyfriend killed girlfriend, her kids, shot her dad) and a police/FBI vs drugstore robbery crew a block down the other way. Those are concerns, obviously, but it's the dumbasses that make the news here everyday, stabbing folks and shooting folks for their iPhones and car keys, kicking in doors for flat screen TVs...they are bringing that BS to the suburbs. I don't want to lose my wife or child (or door or phone or TV) to some lazy, criminal douchenozzle.
I lean a little toward advocating for armed citizens, but it's a big choice, a personal choice.
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