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Re: J's low content thread, series 2.

Originally Posted by Jackitos View Post
I'm thinking about getting a gun, but Daisy wants to take classes and what not before, which is fine.

I started doing research. Gun I want is $500. Ammo/classes/misc is going to be at least another $500.

Not sure if wanting to spend $1000 on something that I don't really need.
Bet you have/had over $1000 in games and accessories...
The lessons and time at the range (lots of ammo and some accessories) are the recurring expenses, and paying for lessons may not be necessary. The pistol is like the console, ammo and stuff are the selection of games.
Texas has good gun laws, regarding personal/concealed carry.
I don't consider myself a gun nut or oathkeeper type, but personal protection and protection of your family, property, etc. is critical enough to me that I can't rely 100% on someone else to have my back.
All in my household are experienced shooters. The wife and I both carry. Atlanta isn't the wild west, but the crimes that "might" be prevented or stopped are common enough, I can't commit myself to would never happen to us.
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