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Re: J's low content thread, series 2.

So, the first day of the year is done.
Didn't work my "job", so that's a plus.
Went to some stores to do returns/exchanges on many gifts for all of the family.
My boy wants a new phone. He thought we were buying it, so he picked a very expensive one (Huawei nexus 6p).
We're meeting later today to go shop for a phone he will be purchasing with the money he makes at his job. I expect he will get an LG G4 or maybe the Motorola Nexus 6...we'll have to see.
I am about to order a new concealed carry rig from Alien Gear, and maybe, tomorrow, go to my second favorite gun shop and see if we can work a trade. Would like to go to a compact 1911-style .45. I have 2 full sized now. Willing to let the .38 Super go for $400, maybe less, if the trade is good. They have a compact HK USP for a good price ($bout tree-fiddy).
My favorite gun store is closed until Monday (f Mondays), for the holiday.
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