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Re: I've decided to quit everything and travel the world

Thanks !

Did you feel lonely sometimes and therefore sad/depressed ? Still something on my mind.

I'm moving in 4 days and will come back here just to sign the final contract so that my appartement is definetely sold. I'm negociating with 4 banks and as soon as I have chosen 2 of them and received the visa cards (1 week time from the moment I decide to open an account) then I will leave. All this should make me take off in a few weeks. What is almost certain is that in one month time from now I should be abroad

I wanted to start with India but I met an african man this evening (from Senegal). I already was thinking about traveling in Africa but quickly dropped the idea. I have to admit that after talking with that dude, I'm again starting to think again about wandering in Africa. A bit scared but it might worth it, Idk.
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