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Re: I've decided to quit everything and travel the world

Originally Posted by fuluck View Post
So you make the claim that your blog will be different from others, but then you talk about a camera, some bag, and the bank cards you had to get.

Jesus Fooking Christ OP, you're boring me to ****ing tears with this ****.

I'm gonna keep reading your blog, but like most things French (except the women) it will probably suck, figuratively speaking.
If you're a masochist who enjoy spending time with things that he doesn't like, it is up to you lol. Personnally I always only focus on things which make me feel good or better. But we're all different, right ?

I have no technical full article on bags or camera (which brand, how you have to chose one, or how to pack your bagpack like any other travel blog has). If you read such articles please quote me and provide me with links, I will be very please you correct my mistake.

I'm talking about bank cards here, not on the blog neither with a full article. But again, if I start getting old and forgetting things, please quote a link to any article, I will be pleased to see that I'm losing my mind so that I will go and see a doctor before I leave.

If you think you can make me be pissed you can still work hard on it. I'm so excited to leave and travel the world that nothing of what you (or anyone else) will say will ever get me pissed or annoyed. We always need a hater/troll in each thread, so thank you for taking the job. This thread wouldn't have been a decent real one without you.

Btw, when I hit the road seeing the world and enjoying life you will still be in your bedroom at your computer and needing to get up every morning to go to work. Nuff said


Originally Posted by fuluck View Post
like most things French (except the women) suck
I fully agree with you on that one. France is lame and french people are suckers, reason why I also leave and I couldn't be happier about that ! You see ? At least we can agree on something. I feel like this is the start of a future big friendship between both of us !

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