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Re: I've decided to quit everything and travel the world

Originally Posted by zikzak View Post
Why just southern India?
Very good question because I mentionned only south india because I've been told that for a 1st trip to India, south India was easier and more welcoming.

HOWEVER, I've been talking with my doctor couple of days ago and he advocated for going to the North which was to him the "true" India. He told me that backwaters are nice but not unique and that you can find those elsewhere in the world, whereas what you can see in Rajastan IS unique.

So, I mentioned only the south in my previous post but to be honest, I'm also thinking about starting with Delhi >> Agra/Taj Mahal) then wander in Rajastan with for instance with the famous three (Jaidpur >>> Jodhpur >>> Udaipur) and some stops in between such as Bundi, Chittorgah (I've not studied that much that itinerary so I'm just quoting some names). And then slowly go my way to the south to Mumbai and keep going south to Goa state, stay some times there to do the coast from north to south, and then leave and keep on going south to Kerala and then go to Tamil Nadu and end the trip with Pundicherry before flying to another country.
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