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Re: I've decided to quit everything and travel the world

Yup, but I have to go from west to east or vice versa and not make some loops. So if I start with a country (let's say India, then I should keep on going toward the East and ideally crossing countries and not for instance do India/vietnam).

If I go to Vietnam first, air flight will be more expensive than for India, and then I would have to keep on going est (hawaii which I dont know how the weath is in let's say late february march) without having seen SE Asia at all besides Vietnam. Or maybe Vietnam/Oz/Nz/Noumea, but I dont know the weather in those countries in march/april.

But it was a pain in the ass to get my India 6 months visa (costy and took quite some times and I had to go to the consulate twice) so it would be a shame not to go to India in january through march (best months for Goa/South India). So I feel like compelled to start by India (which is not a hassle lol, I want to go there reason why I got the visa), but the issue is that as with South Africa if I had started by this one, after 1 or 2 months in India, Thailand/Sri Lanka/Burma will be on rainy seasons)

In a nutshell, all SE asia is good from october through march so since I'm leaving in mid january (hopefully) and since I dont wanna rush and see lots of things but see WELL what I see, chances are that I wont be able to travel through SE Asia without my raincoat
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