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Re: Zeno: Swinging the World by the Tail

Can't believe a year has passed by. Fell down on keeping up on this for a variety of reasons but won't dwell on them. Anyway.................Since it is fall again and some may be harvesting the last of their garden etc., thought this would be useful to some:

Fried Green Tomatoes; I made some last night. They turned out very yummy. The green tomatoes are from my garden; I had to harvest them because of cooler and freezing weather. I got the recipe online, which I modified some. In general, it was a three stage process, plus cooking. See below. Slice the green tomatoes about inch thick. Then coat in flour (bowl on left). Then coat in egg and milk mix (1/2 cup milk and egg whites, do not use the yolk). Then coat with a mix (1/2 cup each) of half corn meal and half bread crumbs (pan on right). Also add in two teaspoon of sea salt and some fresh ground pepper.

Heat a large skillet with ~ inch of vegetable oil over medium heat. Toss in the coated green tomatoes. Open a beer and drink while watching these gorgeous babies cook. In the pan; cook till golden brown – take care when you flip; the second side will cook a bit faster than the first.

Finished product, they came out nice and crisp with no oily saturated surface, nor does the oil penetrate and make the tomatoes soggy, which is truly horrible and usually how they are done (the first coating with flour helps with this). Eat while hot as soon as you can. Add more sea salt and fresh ground pepper to your taste. Eat, Cook, and Gulp Beer - Repeat until full.

Satisfaction guaranteed.
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