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Re: WARNING!!! Turning pro is HARD ****ING WORK!! And you will see this ITT...



Day 1 out on my own (actually everyone has been awesome so its not thaaat scary!)

It is two small sessions and it's kind of making me chuckle as I haven't run like that for a long time!

Was interesting getting back to playing "for myself". Got property stuff out the way, meditated, watched an old coaching video for 10 minutes and warmed up (#desire) and then ran like Usain. Not changing my game plan at all, just making sure I do stuff that Gordon taught for now.

Not really sure what I will do to improve at the moment. Will just watch old videos for now, practice equities a little bit and maybe hit the forums. Gonna kind of chill on study for a bit and just let things happen/relax.

I do feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders but I think that is mainly that Gordon has been so cool about things and very encouraging too.

I will write up some poker goals for the short term today. Thinking along the lines of a holiday pot (actually I am geared so hard into properties that I probably need to make a few bucks or we're camping in the back garden next year!!!)

Other Stuff

Got so much stuff going on in my head right now. I feel like I have really got things going well for my life, feels like I advance every day and in giant leaps too! Feel like I can grow and contribute in a big way. Almost feel like I should start writing a book or something which is something I would never have considered before. Still a long way from that sort of thing though, I need to be way more successful myself before I can truly inspire people. Feels like its coming though so will keep it in mind.

GL all, keep believing in yourself!

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Nice one mate. Seems positive!
Originally Posted by TheDefiniteArticle View Post
Good to hear. It's the right decision. Onwards and upwards!
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I think this will be a good move for you Chris. Good luck in the future
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Good choice KP, putting most of your time and energy into your investments and only playing poker when you have a burning desire to is going to make you the most money and improve at poker more efficiently.
Thanks guys, as always, your support is amazing and appreciated. Let's see where this move takes me!

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+1 at husker and defartic

Agreeing with what Chris said! It was the right decision especially considering his alternative sources of income.

We have told Chris at an earlier point that he is free to leave without any issues if he wishes so. He has some really great spirit and i told him that if he'd be single and in his twenties, he'd just blow away all of us with his dedication! Maybe or hopefully he'll do it anyways...

It's also really great how everybody here helped him with hands.
Really appreciate your understanding and encouragement. Have got nothing but huge respect, thank you.
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