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Re: WARNING!!! Turning pro is HARD ****ING WORK!! And you will see this ITT...

Breaking News!!!

After long consideration, today I requested to terminate my Coaching for Profits contract with Gordon and Bestpokercoaching.

After some small negotiations, Gordon and I have agreed that it is in the interests of both parties that our contract is ended.

I would like to make it clear that my main reason for wanting to leave is that I am extremely dedicated to making a huge success of my property investment business. The profits to be gained there are huge and now that I have new found money consciousness I am on fire to make BIG MONEY.

Whilst I will not be participating in Coaching For Profits I will still be playing poker in order to make LOTS of money. I still have a firm conviction that I can do that and I hope that any of you who follow me will continue to support me and help me when I am struggling.

I will still be posting regularly to my blogs and I even feel a few videos brewing up inside me

Let's go people! Onwards and upwards!!!!
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