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Re: 15 outs Flop to river %?

Originally Posted by Aces123123 View Post
Sure. If you have 15 outs on the flop the chance to hit on the turn is 15/47. About 0,33 that would be 33%. The reason it isn't 15/52 is that you have seen two cards in your hand and there are 3 cards on the flop.

To find out your outs for hitting on the turn or on the river we have to calculate your odds of not hitting by the river : 32/47 * 31/46

If you didn't miss by the river, it means that you must have hit on the turn or on the river. So we just subtract the chance of not hitting by the river from 1 to get the chance of hitting by the river. 1-(32/47 * 31/46)

If you find it hard doing these kind of calculations just memorize the most common situations.
thank you for your detailed explanation it helped a lot.
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